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B&w Waterproof Case Type 6700 Black Outdoor Case Black

B&w Waterproof Case Type 6700 Black Outdoor Case Black

B&w Waterproof Case Type 6700 Black Outdoor Case Black   B&w Waterproof Case Type 6700 Black Outdoor Case Black

Whether completely empty with its full 42.8 L of storage space or padded with egg crate foam and divided up with padded Velcro dividers: The B&W outdoor. Case type 6700 adapts perfectly to any requirements for a flexible outdoor transport case.

It stores sensitive technical equipment and accessories safely and securely so everything stays put and intact even when things get bumpy. Three convenient carry handles and a telescoping handle provide maximum transport comfort on any path.

Four high-quality latches and two eyelets for additional padlocks also ensure that contents are as secure as possible. Case type 6700 outdoor transport case is the ideal companion for any kind of field work. ALL FEATURES AT A GLANCE.

Ultra sturdy shell made of polypropylene (PP). Certified under STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41, and ATA 300. UN Certificate of Approval, max.

Temperature-stable from -30 °C to 80 °C. Airworthy: automatic air pressure equalization valve. Two eyelets for a padlocks (Ø 7 mm).

Extensive interior options: empty, with pick-and-pluck foam and egg crate foam in lid and/or with variable divider system. Optional accessories: Lid pouch and mesh pocket. Spring locks for firm closure. CASE TYPE 6700 TRANSPORT CASE: STACKABLE, OPTIONAL PADDING, AND WITH VARIABLE DIVIDER SYSTEM. The boxy, functional design and sturdy shell make the outdoor.

Case type 6700 transport case stackable, so it is easy to store. The interior, with optional foam inserts or variable divider system, can optimally store and transport any equipment or sensitive devices. The custom divider system is quick and easy to set up thanks to padded dividers and a practical, sturdy Velcro fastening system. THE IDEAL B&W ROLLING CAMERA CASE FOR THE SAFEST CAMERA TRANSPORT. Whether an amateur enthusiast or a professional outdoor photographer: The outdoor. Case type 6700 is the ideal rolling camera case for transporting high-quality, sensitive camera equipment, especially on extended trips. The impact-resistant, ultra sturdy polypropylene shell provides adequate protection for sensitive contents at all times, even in the event of impacts or falls. Individual components can be securely stored in separate, organized padded compartments, eliminating the need to worry about expensive equipment colliding together after a stumble or vibration. Case type 6700 by B&W is the ideal rolling camera case for any traveling photographer. GUARANTEED AND CERTIFIED TRANSPORT SAFETY WITH B&W'S OUTDOOR. Cases boast functionality, convenience, and sturdiness, as has been officially confirmed in multiple tests: The B&W outdoor. Case type 6700 rolling transport case has been certified under STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41, and ATA 300, and has been rated IP67 dustproof and waterproof. The type 6700 remains completely sealed even in extremely dusty environments or after brief periods submerged in water, and protects its contents against damage. Alchemy Goods - Brooklyn Backpack - Laptop Bag Multicolor And Multiple Pockets. Green Guru - Freerider Grocery Pannier - Premium Quality - Multicolor. SKS - Traveller Up - Top Tube Bicycle Bag With Storage Compartment - Waterproof. We are ACTION-EMPORIUM, an online Sporting goods retailer with a knack for Action and high quality products, based in sunny Southern California.

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B&w Waterproof Case Type 6700 Black Outdoor Case Black   B&w Waterproof Case Type 6700 Black Outdoor Case Black